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Welcome in Tec-Star, nanofillers providers.

Tec Star corporate objective includes R&D, designing, production and selling of new nanostructured materials for all the following industries: mechanical, automotive, ceramic, glass, chemical, textile, aeronautics, plastic materials and composite, including polymers, industries and everything else connected or auxiliary to them.

This is an extremely innovative asset with major contents of R&D and it is not hard to outguess significant synergies with Tec Eurolab in the field of materials characterization.

Work in progress
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NEW - Boost ENgreen: is the family of products by Tec Star with high technological content dedicated to engine applications. Have just been presented on the market OCTABOOST, CETABOOST, OFR and CF-Cooling Fluid, 4 revolutionary products by Tec Star to maximize performance and reduce fuel consumption and emissions, for Diesel and gasoline engine.

Stikilos: the product for plastic materials molding, which forms a nanostructured coating ultrathin, hydrophobic, highly adherent to the substrate, which increases the release and extraction of the molded material, and increases the quality of the molded parts.



Development of additives for plastics with high impact and mechanical strength, anti-scratch, antistatic and flame retardant characteristics and hydrophobic/hydrophilic behaviour.

Development of additives for paints with high mechanical strength and anti-bacterial, anti-scratch and thermal insulation characteristics.
Conductive inks.
Development of additives for the galvanic sector, to provide the traditional coatings (nickel, zinc, cataphoretic paints, etc..) with high mechanical properties (low friction coefficient and wear rate) and corrosion resistance.
Full characterization of nano particles as such or in liquid suspension: Shape and morphology; Average size and size distribution; Crystalline phases; Chemical composition of surface and bulk; Z Potential. The instruments available are: FIB-SEM, TEM, XRD, XPS, AES, DLS.
For the responsible development of nanotechnology, TEC Star is committed to developing an internal code of conduct to serve as a quality benchmark for appropriate guidelines in relation to the safety of products/processes (nano-safety). This development started thanks to the participation of TEC Star in some FP7 EU projects about this topic in the last 4 years, ans is going on presently thanks to the network of collaboration born by these european experiences. As a matter of fact, the code will be consistent with the EU principles, that will cover all individuals (public and private) involved in nanoscience and nanotechnology researches (code of conduct for responsible nanosciences and nanotechnologies research - 2008).
The FP7 projects where Tec Star has been involved as partner, are:
Nanomicex - Mitigation of risk and control of exposure in nanotechnology based inks and pigments
NanoSafePack - Development of a best practices guide for the safe handling and use of nanoparticles in packaging industries

Tec Star S.r.l. has started the collaboration with two workshops for the sale of Boost ENgreen products: Emiliana Autoricambi, Sant’Antonio Casalgrande (RE) (, and GOMME TOP Srls (, Modena

Interesting paper about nanolubricants. Tec Star provided a contribution in Directindustry E-Magazine.

Change performance and life of your engine: OFR, CETABOOST and CF, four new products with the power of nanotechnology

TEC Star will be attending the conference "NanoInnovation 2016" on  September 21st 2016, as part of the session about NanoToxicology with the talk "SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE NANOMATERIALS: CONTRIBUTION OF AN SME IN THE EU NANOSAFETY CLUSTER"

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